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"Patients were given massive doses of LSD either orally or injected intramuscularly and at times administered in combination with Methedrine (a drug of the amphetamine group. Also known as methamphetamine, it is used as a stimulant)."


CanLII – 2016 ONSC 667 (CanLII)

"It is integral to a free and democratic society like Canada that citizens act pursuant to and under the rule of law. Court orders in force must be respected and followed. The deliberate failure to obey a court order strikes at the very heart of the administration of justice. This includes court orders relating to... Continue Reading →

The 2nd Opinion….

In an attempt to get a timely referral to a new specialist outside the circle of care within the Hamilton Health Sciences group of hospitals, she requested an appointment with the defendant, who was Vice-President Medical at the Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation (“HHSC”). At that appointment, and to the plaintiff’s surprise, the defendant “formed” her... Continue Reading →

Google and Twitter Speak Up in Support of the First Amendment Rights of Their Users | American Civil Liberties Union

Yesterday was a good day for Google and Twitter users. It was a good day for science. And it was a good day for the Internet. Why? Because these two technology companies, along with prominent scientists and a public advocacy group, added their voices to the growing consensus that the constitutional right to speak anonymously... Continue Reading →

Lawsuit involving PubPeer unmasks commenter as pseudonymous whistleblower Clare Francis – Retraction Watch at Retraction Watch

PubPeer’s attorneys responded: We are deeply troubled that a scientist who exercised his or her right to anonymously report anomalies in scientific research is being threatened with possible liability. The First Amendment protects the right to speak anonymously precisely so that, in circumstances like this one, individuals can report on matters of public interest without... Continue Reading →

Americans alleging Roundup-linked cancer file lawsuit against Monsanto

"Monsanto’s misinformation campaign is costing lives," Miller, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of California residents Brenda and James Huerta, stated. "Brenda and James’ lawsuit will force Monsanto to face the human consequences of their lives." via Americans alleging Roundup-linked cancer file lawsuit against Monsanto.

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