Not dying from Cancer…

Question on Quora - “What are some effective health strategies to ensure the minimal chance of dying from cancer?” Allow me to begin with, “Quora collapsed my bio for Cancer”, they really did, but I’ve been writing “unhelpful” bio’s for some time apparently :)! Terrific Question! There are loads of things you can be doing... Continue Reading →


Cancer Research

Question asked on Quora “Who should be responsible for cancer research - Government, Pharmaceutical Companies or University researches?” I don’t understand your question, responsible? Do you mean control?! There are more people employed by Cancer, than have it. The High Cost of Cancer Treatment I recently posted a question, I sent it out to at... Continue Reading →

Cannabis for Autism

Cannabis can treat and sometimes even cure autism. How does cannabis consumption affect Autism? - from Leafly Part 1, Autism and Cannabis: Here's What the Science Says - from Leafly Thanks to Granny Storm Crow! THE LIST - a collection of thousands of cannabis studies  - excerpt Studies, articles, news, relating to autism and cannabis, including... Continue Reading →

Now Google Is Shadow Banning Entire Websites (Including This One!) — Patients for Medical Cannabis Yesterday I noticed something strange. The post that put this blog on the map, so to speak, is “Marijuana versus cigarettes“, which went wildly viral years ago and has been the number one in search results on Google when searching the topic. Always this post gets the most views per day… until just a... Continue Reading →

Health Canada’s – Genetically Modified Cannabis

The victims of Canada’s now putrid-pot-program are demanding answers!!

Genetically Modified Organism

Is Health Canada’s Genetically Modified Cannabis the reason for the recent complaints about the putrid-pot now being flogged by some or all of Canada’s licensed producers?

Germplasm Resources Information Network – (GRIN)
USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program.

Organism – Cannabis sativa



Cannabis sativa


Taxonomical Synonyms and Subordinate Taxa:

Common Name(s):


Source Material
The victims of Canada’s now putrid-pot-program are demanding answers!!

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The Devolution of Ontario

The Devolution of Ontario, brought to you by Doug Ford, reaching for new lows.... Article republished, in part Many thanks to Shereen Aly for her assistance with this article. Baker McKenzie - Jordan Arthur Kirkness and Susan MacMillan Minimum wage Minimum wage would remain at $14 per hour (instead of increasing to $15 per hour on January 1, 2019).... Continue Reading →

Right to privacy at school?

Case summary by Erica Sanderson - Reblogged - with emphasis added Teacher With Camera Pen Acquitted of Voyeurism R. v. Jarvis, 2017 ONCA 778 (CanLII) by Erica Sanderson In a recent criminal case in the Ontario Court of Appeal, a teacher was acquitted on a charge of voyeurism under section 162 of the Criminal Code despite... Continue Reading →

More Nurses refuse flu-shots

Republished article follows, from Wisemindhealthybody is powered by Source article - We Won’t Back Down: 22,000 Nurses Refuse “Mandatory” Vaccinations = by Nick Meyer Even though the effectiveness of vaccines for preventing transmission of disease to patients has been strongly questioned if not outright dismissed (see below), hospitals are pushing harder than ever in some cases to force their... Continue Reading →

Quora Moderation sent you a message!

Well, it's October 22, 2018, here's a surprise, Quora Moderation sent you a message, actually, Quora Moderation sent you several messages, now that you snubbed our "partners program" even as you broke the million view mark.  This happened, oddly, directly after my answers were sent to a pack of shills, a herd of smarmy gang-stalkers,... Continue Reading →

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