“against this background consider the following: a recent review of studies submitted to the FDA as part of license applications for five antidepressants licensed in the 1990s, two SSRIs (sertraline and paroxetine), two agents with other actions on the serotonin system (nefazodone and mirtazapine), and buproprion (Khan,Warner, and Brown 2000) produced figures of 27 suicides and 90 suicide attempts on new antidepressants from 12,897 patients, compared to two suicides and 14 suicide attempts in 3,079 patients randomized to placebo. In fact the two suicides apparently on placebo, as well as five suicide attempts, occurred during the withdrawal phase from other treatments rather than while on placebo, leaving no suicides on placebo and nine suicide attempts (Brecher 1991; Lee 1990/91). These revised figures give a statistically significant increase in suicides and suicide attempts on active agents compared to placebo. These figures also contain a statistically significant excess of suicides on paroxetine compared to placebo.”

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