CanLII – 2016 ONSC 667 (CanLII)

“It is integral to a free and democratic society like Canada that citizens act pursuant to and under the rule of law. Court orders in force must be respected and followed. The deliberate failure to obey a court order strikes at the very heart of the administration of justice. This includes court orders relating to commercial matters such as in the case at hand. If someone can simply ignore or finesse his way around a court order, it will tend to add uncertainties and risks, with their consequential inefficiencies and additional costs, as well as causing unfairness, with its consequential inequities in additional costs, to the commercial marketplace. It is commonly recognized that the rule of law is essential in a democratic society for the protection of civil liberties and human rights. It should be evident that the rule of law is just as essential for the protection of citizens in their commercial affairs. And just as white-collar crime is crime, white-collar contempt is contempt.”

via CanLII – 2016 ONSC 667 (CanLII).


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