Comfortable? Tell me a bit about yourself…

“Patients were given massive doses of LSD either orally or injected intramuscularly and at times administered in combination with Methedrine (a drug of the amphetamine group. Also known as methamphetamine, it is used as a stimulant).”

“The Capsule is a small windowless room with dimensions approximately 8’ x 10’.  Groups of four or more men would be stripped naked and placed in the Capsule for periods of up to two weeks at a time.  The space was always lit, leading the men to be unable to distinguish day from night, confusion, disorientation, and serious confrontations between the men ensued.” via Oakridge Class – Total Encounter Capsule Program.

“Defence Disruptive Therapy program was an experimental program developed by Dr. Barker in the mid-1960’s.  The program consisted of injecting inmates with drugs suggested to psychiatrists by other patients.  These included LSD, amphetamines and Ritalin, and were frequently mixed together with alcohol resulting in toxic hallucinogenic cocktails.”

“This is the first time in 30 years that a patient has broken out of a maximum security ward – and comes on the heels of the move from Oak Ridge to a new facility….”

“The mental health centre just went through a 470 million dollar upgrade, including the maximum security division which was relocated from the former Oak Ridge facility.”

Photograph of electric branding iron from Ontario Hospital, Penetanguishene farm stamped with O.H.P. Use on farm.

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