Walters v. Ontario, 2017 ONCA 53

"At the outset I can advise that I would dismiss Ontario’s appeal. The issues on appeal are three basic elements of a negligence action: duty of care; breach of the standard of care; and causation of damage."


Eastwood Square Kitchener v Value Village

Republished Citation follows // Emphasis added Citation: Eastwood Square Kitchener Inc. v Value Village Stores, Inc., 2017 ONSC 832 (CanLII), <;, retrieved on 2017-03-27   [1]               In this action, there are cross-motions for summary judgment. The action commenced in 2011. There have been examinations for discovery. A pre-trial is scheduled for... Continue Reading →

Maracle v Dr. Mascarin

  Excerpt follows // Emphasis added // Source PEDLAR J.  [1]               This is a motion brought by the defendant, Dr. Steven Mascarin c.o.b. as Family Dental Centre Inc. for leave to appeal the February 3, 2016 order of Tausendfreund J. dismissing the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. [2]        ... Continue Reading →

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