“Can one get addicted to medical marijuana? If so, what is good about it?”

Can one get addicted to medical marijuana? If so, what is good about it?

What an odd question.

You can get addicted to almost every drug your doctor prescribes, do you ask them “what good are they then doc” if your drugs are addictive?

Emoticons, that’s what’s missing from Quora!

So, cannabis isn’t addictive, it doesn’t even stimulate the reward centre of our brains, like chocolate or sugar or coffee even.

Studies, no studies you say….! Not so

Barb Kueber’s answer to Why are there still no conclusive studies on the long term effects of marijuana use?

Barb Kueber’s answer to Is it possible to be addicted to marijuana?

There are countless benefits available to patients who use cannabis as medicine.

Many people have actually used CBD dominant cannabis, to help them to block the “high” from pharmaceuticals, which has helped them to stopped using pharmaceuticals that are highly addictive and that could kill them in their sleep.

Something cannabis simply cannot do either, kill you from overdose. Why not ask your doctor, if they’ve had a chance to learn about the benefits of cannabis as medicine. If they haven’t, ask them to refer to someone who has, or visit a compassion club or dispensary, and talk to an experienced bud-tender.

Cannabis, my medicine for 20 years

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