Your answer may need improvement!!

Well, here’s another collapsed answer, may as post it here, seems a shame wasting my effort and time, only to have my stuff hidden.

Sorry but, your bias is showing!

Nope, using cannabis hasn’t slowed me down, not one bit!

I started using cannabis recreationally on a regular basis from the time I was 16 and I already had a job back then, ** I’m 54 today, in 2018

Before my health-care disabled me, I would sometimes run 7 kilometers (**edited…1 way, it was ~15 kilometers to the office and home) I would sometimes work for 17 hours straight with little or no breaks, I owned a well respected technical sales company and had my real estate license. I flipped homes and even did much of the work myself.

Since my health-care disabled me, I’ve been in court, fighting for the rights of cannabis patients, and I face 4 law firms as an SRL, a Self-represented Litigant, in a multi-million dollar action, which might be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Since my health-care disabled me, even though I have a crippling pain disorder and partial paralysis, I still go about and shuffle around the dance floor most weeks with my 91 year old year Mom, who is just like the Engerizer Bunny…she just keeps going and going and going, **cannabis allows me to do that most weeks. **updated – Jan 6, 2019…not doing much shuffling around the dance-floor lately, going out to pick out my new wheelchair soon so I can make it more that a block or 2 without tears running down my face, things just keep getting worse in Ontario for disabled people, our government seems bereft of compassion and common decency.


Cannabis users are the brightest and most motivated people you know, make no mistake about it!!

Sure, some lazy people also use cannabis. ***Thanks for the question.


Edit Jan 17, 2019

Quora Moderation collapsed your answer to:  for violating a policy on Quora. 7h


So, this is 2nd or 3rd time this answer has been collapsed or deleted.

I am sincerely sorry if someone is offended anyone by mentioning governments are abusing the disabled.

100,000+ people were sent your answer in the Quora Digest:  Dec 15

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I forgot to update that @fordnation@billwalkermpp they turned me down for a wheelchair, I didn’t even get that bath-safety bar LOAN for 30 days. I don’t miss eating much, no way to get food anyway…90 cars drove by hitching-hiking a bit back..thanks for kicking me in the face!

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