Cannabis – Anxiety| Depression

“Why does cannabis make me anxious but help my depression at the same time and how to overcome weed anxiety?”

I edited your question, it’s not weed, it is cannabis and cannabis is medicine.

In order to get the results you desire, you need to take the appropriate strain and form of cannabis.

You should have a doctor trained in the medical use of cannabis or willing to learn with you. Cannabis is very personal medicine, it works differently for everyone, it depends on your conditions, mental and physical, and what other drugs you’re using, your fitness level, everything matters, you want to feel better don’t you?

If you decide to add cannabis, you should let your doctor know, cannabis high in CBD can interfere with other medicines, and, you don’t want to wrongly branded a drug-abuser for opting to use safer medicines, do you, well, trust me on that one, you don’t, it’s nasty.

I would suggest, the acceptance of cannabis as medicine, is a terrific opportunity for our medical establishments to start to create new models in our health-care that are finally truly patient-centered. I’m not a doctor, I’m someone experienced in the use of cannabis as medicine. If you can’t find a supportive doctor, or get access to specialized clinic, find an experienced patient or patient adviser at a trusted dispensary or compassion club, or grower.

If cannabis is making you anxious instead of improving your anxiety, it could be because it’s criminal where you are and you risk arrest and getting your pets shot. If that’s not the problem, you need to look for cannabis with higher amounts of CBD and avoid high THC strains of cannabis. As you become accustomed to cannabis and how it makes you feel, that may not longer be a problem, we see anxiety as an unwanted effect mostly in newer users, who dive right in for the strongest cannabis they can find, generally a very bad idea.


Most of the samples of cannabis found on the street were found to also contain residues of chemicals used to grow cannabis. It’s NOT in everyone’s best interest to keep cannabis, the safest drug on the planet. Chemicals used to grow cannabis could be doing all sorts of shit to you, we need to start demanding organic.

I don’t know why you’re anxious or depressed but cannabis can help with both those conditions probably, but, you’ll want to find and stick to certain strains, as I said, I’m not a doctor but, chance are, there are terpenes and cannabinoid combinations that will work to address your specific, cannabinoid deficiency, while fitting into your life but, it could take some trial and error, someone experienced could really help to step-up your learning curve.

Cannabinoid Symptom Wheel

Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD): can this concept explain therapeutic benefits of cannabis in migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel sy… – PubMed – NCBI

There are a lot of minor medicines, even smells and tastes that impact how any strain will work, not only the 2 most talked about THC and CBD. If you find you’re getting anxious at a 1:1, you should try THC:CBD 1:2 or 1:3 like that, it is not only the CBD and THC content that matters but, those are the major medicines so a good starting to point. Much of the street cannabis, has virtually 0% CBD, we bred it out, because CBD counter-acts the high, caused by THC, though it does not counter-act the benefit, both medicines work better together.

If you have a choice of cannabis that has about the same % of medicines in it, you should always pick the one that smells best to you. Listen to your body and start feeling better!!

A couple of good resources follow here, to help with strain guidance. I would stick to flowers, meaning buds, or tinctures, avoid other extracts and edibles, until you are comfortable with cannabis, that’s just advice for everyone out there who isn’t experienced in using cannabis.

Even experienced cannabis users and long-time patients prefer to buy edibles, it’s not because we’re lazy and can’t bake or cook, it’s because, unless you’re growing the cannabis, it’s very hard to get a consistent dose, one that does what it should, without making you feel crappy, for 4 to 8 hours or so.

“Looking at data from cannabis testing labs across Washington State, we compiled a list of strains that tend to produce significant amount of CBD. These numbers are derived from the testing samples of cannabis flowers and do not include CBD concentrates.”High-CBD Marijuana Strains According to Lab Data | Leafly

There’s lots of great information in this article 17 Truly High CBD Strains And Their Effects (The Complete List) “Strains that are high in CBD and low in THC are awesome for medicinal purposes, as the cannabinoids in this type of ratio work amazing off each other, creating multiple health-beneficial effects, while the dominant CBD stops the low levels of THC getting you “typically” high.

Strains that are equal in percentages of both cannabinoids are quite rare on today’s market, offering a slight cerebral high, with the focus still remaining on the alleviation of health issues.”

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