Cannabis kills Cancer Stem-cells

Cannabis REALLY CAN cure cancer…. Listen to this Cancer Scientist

The Future of Cannabis Medicine – A Cancer Scientist’s Position

 Cancer biologist Michael Masterman-Smith, PhD, speaks at the LAAHU (Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters) annual conference. Key takeaway: cannabis, like any effective medicine to treat various medical conditions, such as cancer, epilepsy, and pain, should be covered by health insurance.

Is cannabis use still a crime where you live?

Imagine…. A CURE for cancer

Excerpt from the documentary ‘What If Cannabinoids in Cannabis Cured Cancer & Other Diseases?’

What If Cannabis Really Does Cure Cancer?

The US Federal government has known about the cancer fighting properties of cannabis since 1974. The Department Of Health & Human Services patent cannabis in 1999 as antioxidants & neuroprotectants.

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