Canada’s Cannabis Act Hearings

Hot off the presses!

Canada’s Cannabis Act Hearings – Release – From Dana Larsen follows:

Sensible BC
Hey Barb, I just got back from Ottawa, and I wanted to share some links with you.

I was in Ottawa to testify about the Liberal’s Cannabis Act.

I spoke to the Standing Committee on Health, and explained why this legislation doesn’t go far enough in truly ending cannabis prohibition.

They’ve been having hearings all week, with over 100 people speaking. I was on the last day, on a panel about edibles.

Marc and Jodie Emery were there too, testifying on the same day, as was Hilary Black, founder of Vancouver’ first cannabis Compassion Club.

If you want to watch, there’s many hours of testimony available. Here’s all the links.

Click here for just my opening statement and testimony. 

Sept 11, Part One – includes Health Canada, lawyers, RCMP
Sept 11, Part Two – includes pharmacies and pharmacists
Sept 11, Part Three – includes Hemp Trade Alliance and medical cannabis council.
Sept 11, Part Four – includes Border Services, law enforcement, Vancouver Police

Sept 12, Part One – includes Chiefs of Police, Saskatoon Police
Sept 12, Part Two – includes criminologists, academics, lawyers.
Sept 12, Part Three – includes NORML Canada, reps from Colorado & Washington
Sept 12, Part Four – includes Kevin Sabet from SAM, anti-cannabis Colorado police

Sept 13, Part One – includes lawyer John Conroy, Anandia Labs an apartment association
Sept 13, Part Two – includes drug policy, rehab and education groups.
Sept 13, Part Three – includes Centre on Substance Abuse, and Drug Free Kids Canada
Sept 13, Part Four – includes addiction services, mental health, substance abuse

Sept 14, Part One – includes prevention, treatment, psychiatry, public health
Sept 14, Part Two – includes workplace safety, employment, cannabis law
Sept 14, Part Three – includes labelling, packaging, non-smokers rights
Sept 14, Part Four – includes international law, treaties, lawyer Kirk Tousaw

Sept 15, Part One – includes Dana Larsen, edibles, cannabis researcher, Colorado health
Sept 15, Part Two – includes medical cannabis, Hilary Black, Health Canada
Sept 15, Part Three – includes Marc & Jodie Emery, municipalities

I hope the committee pays attention and recommends some serious changes to the Cannabis Act. There’s many flaws in this legislation that would be better to fix now, rather than try to deal with them after the law is passed.

I just wanted to share these links. It’s many hours of video, but I hope you get the chance to check some of them out.

Director, Sensible BC & Sensible Vancouver

PS: Did you hear about what we’re doing in Vancouver? We’ve started a new civic party called Sensible Vancouver, and we’re running our first candidate for city council in a by-election coming October 14. Her name is Mary Jean “Watermelon” Dunsdon, and I’m working as her campaign manager. Click here to find out more.


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