Canada, a Climate of Corruption Excerpt follows // No emphasis added // X (Re) Court (s) Database Federal Court Decisions Date 2016-10-04 Neutral citation 2016 FC 1105 File numbers DES-0-00   (1)        Changes Sought to the Warrant Templates (a)        A New Condition for XXXXX X XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX for the XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Warrant, and XXXXX... Continue Reading →

Monsanto Puss-Milk invades Canada

Canadians, have you read the labels on your cheeses, your ice creams, your milk, your butter...  Does it say 100% Canadian Milk?  Does it say Hormone-Free?  Does it say Antibiotic-Free? Republished article follows// Source A Retired Professor Takes a Newspaper Columnist to Task for her Column About Tainted Milk and "Junk Science."  Dear... Continue Reading →

Attorney general orders probe of Legal Aid Ontario

By Jacques GallantLegal Affairs Reporter Sat., Jan. 14, 2017 The attorney general has ordered a third-party review of Legal Aid Ontario, after the agency announced last month that it was dramatically cutting back on services due to a $26-million deficit. Yasir Naqvi will be bringing in an external firm to review the arm’s-length government agency’s... Continue Reading →

Cannabis Annihilates Cancer Republished excerpt follows Over 100 Scientific Studies Agree: Cannabis Annihilates Cancer Posted on 18 July, 2015 by admin By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Considering that up until about 85 years ago, cannabis oil was used around the world to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer, it is not surprising that... Continue Reading →

Maracle v Dr. Mascarin

  Excerpt follows // Emphasis added // Source PEDLAR J.  [1]               This is a motion brought by the defendant, Dr. Steven Mascarin c.o.b. as Family Dental Centre Inc. for leave to appeal the February 3, 2016 order of Tausendfreund J. dismissing the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. [2]        ... Continue Reading →

Access to Justice Lip Service

Republished article follows // Source Ian Mulgrew More from Ian Mulgrew Published on: January 9, 2017 | Last Updated: January 9, 2017 6:10 PM PST For all the lip service it pays to access to justice, the Law Society of British Columbia has quietly pushed onto a back burner one of the most promising... Continue Reading →

Corporate Crime$ and Fine$

"Doctors and their organisations should consider carefully whether they find it ethically acceptable to receive money that may have been partly earned by crimes that have harmed those people whose interests doctors are expected to take care of. Many crimes would be impossible to carry out, if doctors weren’t willing to participate in them."

Cannabis – Super Antibiotic

  Excerpted article follows // Emphasis added Marijuana: The Super Antibiotic Of The Future by Ocean Malandra on June 26, 2015 Even as late as the 19th century, cannabis was used by Western doctors to combat serious illnesses at home and abroad. An 1843 article in London’s Provincial Medical Journal, for example, chronicles an Irish... Continue Reading →

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