Cabana v Newfoundland and Labrador

"[36] Accordingly, I hold that in principle a successful self-represented litigant may claim, as part of taxed costs, an amount representing at least a portion of the time and effort he or she put into the case in the place of that which otherwise would have been expended on the case by a lawyer had one been retained."


Tran v. University of Western Ontario

"By failing to ensure that a proper and independent investigation was conducted, UWO breached its fiduciary duty, duty of care and the express or implied terms of the Contract."

Cooper v Flood, 2016 ABCA

  Republished in part// Emphasis added The Court: I           Introduction [1]               The appellants, Dr. Flood and Dr. Yiu, appeal a trial judgment finding them to have breached the relevant standard of care owed to their patient, Mrs. Cooper, when conducting a TVT Procedure on her in 2004: see... Continue Reading →

Several Physicians v. Information and Privacy Commissioner

Fair use - EDUCATION!   Emphasis added / republished citation follows CITATION: Several Physicians v. Information and Privacy Commissioner, 2016 ONSC 7386 DIVISIONAL COURT FILE NO.: 306/16 DATE: 20161128   SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE – ONTARIO DIVISIONAL COURT RE:                 SEVERAL PHYSICIANS AFFECTED DIRECTLY BY THE ORDER Applicants AND INFORMATION AND PRIVACY... Continue Reading →

Civil Conspiracy Definition:

"(T)he elements of predominant purpose conspiracy require the plaintiff to establish that: (1) the defendants acted in combination, that is, in concert, by agreement or common design; (2) the predominant purpose of the defendants was to intentionally harm the plaintiff; and (3) the defendants' conduct caused harm to the plaintiff."

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