One Canadian’s view – Hospital Feedback Requests

June 15, 2016

So, you were just at the hospital.  Good to get home isn’t it?

  1. Let me ask you this, after visiting a hospital, have you ever received a request for Feedback?
  2. Was it labeled “Random and Anonymous Feedback” or something to that effect?
  3. Was it actually random, meaning were there questions that would easily have allowed the hospital to know which patient you were, even if you didn’t include your name?
  4. Prior to receiving the feedback request, did you suffer some kind of harm at the hospital?
  5. Did you respond to the feedback request?

I would love to get your feedback for an upcoming whistle-blower story.


Together, we can fix this mess!





2 thoughts on “One Canadian’s view – Hospital Feedback Requests

Add yours

  1. The hospital I was injured in never sent an evaluation form. Other hospitals have, and I also received a visit, in my hospital room, from a hospital employee asking me how my experience was, if I had any complaints and if I would please fill out the survey that may be mailed to me when I got home. Really? Would I have received the survey if I had complained?

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Suzan!
      Since I have you here, thanks so much for the tremendous efforts you undoubtedly expend to help us all reduce medical errors and bring transparency both in your own FB group and all those groups you contribute to, not to mention all the Nursing Reform work!
      Thanks Suzan Shinazy 🙂
      I have a theory these feedback requests could be generated after a “harm report”.
      Kinda funny because if they really are random and anonymous they are fair game and they will simply have to disclose them, in my humble opinion.


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