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“What would the world be like had the drug war not been waged?”

“The so called War on Drugs is largely considered a failed or lost war. What would the world be like had it not even been fought?”

What an interesting question.

The Biggest Prison System in History


How did it come to be that America’s prison population is the largest in the civilized world, and what hope is there of changing the course of this troubling trend? The aptly titled new documentary The Biggest Prison System in History, produced as part of the provocative The Empire Files series, examines the origins of this epidemic and boldly points fingers at the institutions and power brokers who profit from the incarceration of more than two million American citizens.

“The U.S. has only five percent of the world’s population,” recites the film’s correspondent Abby Martin, “yet a stunning twenty-five percent of its prisoners.” With many of America’s prisons stretched thin and struggling to operate far beyond capacity, the scourge of mass incarceration propels a series of egregious human rights violations and demeans the country’s moral standing in the rest of the world.

The abuses suffered by victims of the United States prison system are myriad, but the motivations behind these atrocities can usually be whittled down to one key factor: money. Even the phones provided for prisoners are devices for generating obscene amounts of profit. According to data presented in the film, America’s prisons are now largely equipped with pay phones that charge for every minute of use. The phone coverage provider kicks back a whopping 42% of its revenue to the states, which exceeds a staggering $150 million dollars annually. Corporations work in concert with the prison system, employing inmates for behind-the-scenes production jobs for pennies on the dollar. Prison contracts are awarded to the lowest possible bidders, a phenomenon which severely compromises the quality of everything from food to medications to health care.

The Biggest Prison System in History also explores the roles that poverty and race play in maintaining our status as the world’s largest prisoner population, the system’s deficiencies in caring for the mentally ill and failure to adequately invest in productive rehabilitation services. This hard-hitting and unflinching film provides valuable insights into a system that operates largely in shadow from most Americans, and points to a variety of cultural and societal ills that contribute to its continued dominance.

According to Wikipedia

In 1994, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that the “War on Drugs” resulted in the incarceration of one million Americans each year.


In 2008, the Washington Post reported that of 1.5 million Americans arrested each year for drug offenses, half a million would be incarcerated. In addition, one in five black Americans would spend time behind bars due to drug laws.


Federal and state policies also impose collateral consequences on those convicted of drug offenses, such as denial of public benefits or licenses, that are not applicable to those convicted of other types of crime.

Costs to taxpayers

According to a 2008 study published by Harvard economist Jeffrey A. Miron, the annual savings on enforcement and incarceration costs from the legalization of drugs would amount to roughly $41.3 billion, with $25.7 billion being saved among the states and over $15.6 billion accrued for the federal government. Miron further estimated at least $46.7 billion in tax revenue based on rates comparable to those on tobacco and alcohol ($8.7 billion from marijuana, $32.6 billion from cocaine and heroin, remainder from other drugs).

There would be the same number of addicts, a small fraction of users.

Law Enforcement Opposed to the War on Drugs (2006)

The savings to tax payers is incalculable, the destruction of people’s lives, people’s futures,people’s families…..

I almost forgot about the 3rd world countries, there would be 10s of thousands of people not dead and not corrupted and not living in fear and not living in horrific poverty.

So the billions if not trillions wasted on the “War on Drugs” would have gone to reforming health-care and social services, subsidizing an increase in minimum wages, and addiction treatment and feeding the planet!  Though, in reality, probably more bombing.

We would have had time to fight against the loss of our sovereignty and halt all the “trade deals” and put DUTIES IN AT OUR BORDERS TO KEEP OUR CONSTITUTIONS!  before the TPP passes.  Companies employing people here, would not have had to compete with human rights violating and environmental destroying, corporations providing no fair exchange for the privilege of selling their goods in OUR countries.

Great question!


So in the world without the failed war on drugs that finds ~1.5% of the population addicts, the very same % of people as before the fake war, about 1 1/2 people out of 100 are addicts but they have access to realistic treatment programs and we’ve finally addressed one real and serious issue in our society, the ever growing inequities.

We’ve never heard of places like Ferguson, because the race wars there never happened and literally hundreds of thousands of families have fathers, instead of visiting hours.

These families are thriving and contributing to society, we have in the process become less ignorant, and regained some of our lost humanity.

According to Wikipedia War on Drugs

According to Human Rights Watch, crime statistics show that—in the United States in 1999—compared to non-minorities, African Americans were far more likely to be arrested for drug crimes, and received much stiffer penalties and sentences.


Statistics from 1998 show that there were wide racial disparities in arrests, prosecutions, sentencing and deaths. African-American drug users made up for 35% of drug arrests, 55% of convictions, and 74% of people sent to prison for drug possession crimes.


Nationwide African-Americans were sent to state prisons for drug offenses 13 times more often than other races,


even though they only supposedly comprised 13% of regular drug users.

There are far less guns and deaths in Mexico because the US wouldn’t be walking them across the border…

 If your government hasn’t censored it also, in that free country you live in, check out Plan Columbia

And Big pHarma isn’t in control of and destroying our health, because of course, cannabis is healing or managing almost every imaginable condition


And Hemp is keeping the atmosphere clean and has replaced almost every Petro-Chemical, wood, cotton, and corn product on the plant.

Barb Kueber’s answer to What are the uses for hemp?

Barb Kueber’s answer to Besides the gangs that sell them, who else has the most to lose if the War on Drugs was ended



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