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What are the arguments of cannabis products as pharmaceutical products and not natural?

“What are the arguments of cannabis products as pharmaceutical products and not natural?  Recently a pharmaceutical guy published an article in a Costa Rican newspaper, saying that cannabis only works medically speaking like pharmaceutical products (isolated substances) and not whole-plant extract. Also made the comparison with tobacco cigarettes in terms of harm.”

This is nonsense.

Since it was clear the Petro-Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Alcohol, Prison-Industrial-Complex, and Slave utilizing, Tax-evading, shining examples of Capitalism like Johnson and Johnson has lost their their fake War On Drugs, their War against the people, there have been lots of studies with less than a hundred participants, funded by a Drug Manufacturer, published as though they were true, and worse, there are these foolish articles written by people who know even less or are paid directly by the Drug Companies for writing them, or ghost writing them more accurately.

So, there are ~80 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, hundreds of substances, when the terpenes are considered and we have no idea what each of them do since they are symbiotic, they work together to treat, even heal certain medical conditions.

Cannabis is a natural medicine.  It has been grown and used safely and effectively for literally thousands of years.  No deaths, not a single one.  No cancers, not a single one.

All pharmaceutical medicines, save those that are only packaged natural substances, are dangerous and potentially, they area almost all deadly.  No person has ever died from cannabis despite the propaganda they are desperately trying to dredge up.

When the whole plant is refined into an undiluted oil, it has been shown to kill cancer, there are thousands of real live people whose lives were saved, many, without any surgery or other harmful, sometimes, ultimately, deadly treatments, which are often not even shown to work in their best clinical trials.

The cost of killing cancer with cannabis is usually less than $10,000, how much does it cost where you live for the first year, and the secondary cancers from the “treatments”, every single one of which are harmful and do cause cancer?

THC is the most famous medicine, it has been made in synthetic form, called Marinol, but it is not as effective as natural cannabis for pain.

CBD, the 2nd most known medicine, is now extracted in its natural form along with THC, in a 1:1 ratio, this is considered a pharmaceutical medicine, called Sativex, shown to help especially with peripheral nerve pain and, proven to halt the progression of MS as demonstated in UK patients given this ~$800 per month medicine.

So, that leaves about 78 medicines we know little about and terpenes, hundreds of them, which are different with every single strain, every crop actually, that we know little about thanks to the fact it was illegal to research, this plant.

The US government, they are such hypocrites, they are the biggest patent holder, schedule 1 indeed.

United States of America’s Cannabis Patents

Patents Related to Medical Marijuana from Cannabis International

Health Canada has been beaten in court by their victims, I mean patients, they’ve even climbed on board, to avoid looking even more useless and corrupt, were that possible Cannabis (marihuana, marijuana) and the cannabinoids

Patent US20130059018 – Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer

Sure, there are medicines that could be extracted or copied, like Cesamet, the sad pharmaceutical replacement that doesn’t work but does give narcolepsy and make you wicked high, you have no problem getting an RX for this, heck even the manufacturers say you should have a full time care giver to look after of you.

“Nontherapeutic Effects: Cesamet, a synthetic cannabinoid, has the potential to be abused and to produce psychological dependence. Cesamet has complex effects on the central nervous system. Its effects on the mental state (i.e., “inner mental life”) are similar to those of cannabis. Subjects given Cesamet may experience changes in mood (euphoria, detachment, depression, anxiety, panic, paranoia), decrements in cognitive performance and memory, a decreased ability to control drives and impulses, and alterations in the experience of reality (e.g., distortions in the perception of objects and the sense of time, hallucinations). These phenomena appear to be more common when larger doses of Cesamet are administered; however, a full-blown picture of psychosis (psychotic organic brain syndrome) may occur in patients receiving doses within the lower portion of the therapeutic range.”

And yet… like always… “Data on the chronic use of Cesamet are not available;… but the patients may…be lazy like some people who use cannabis.

 https://youtu.be/vCuD0Job-84  MARIJUANA IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!
https://youtu.be/ZQyE-Shbzqc  WHAT IF CANNABIS CURES CANCER??
 Comparing a highly addictive, completely harmful drug like tobacco which kills millions worldwide every year to a medicine that cures cancer, couldn’t be more misguided, it’s much like saying isn’t rat poisoning and aspirin the same, well, you take it by the mouth don’t you?

Cannabis is a natural medicine, why is your government letting cancer patients die, needlessly?

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