2 minutes to help? Research institutes ignore the law…

What do you think about the failure of Research Institutes and Drug Companies to follow the law?

All results are required to be published, not just the best ones they could find and let’s face it, many of their best studies show very little benefit and a good deal of potential harm.

People are still dying and lives are being ruined, for profit, why is the law not enforced?   We’re tired of you blow smoke and saying, oh ya, we’re all over it, you greedy pigs.

Would you take 2 minutes to add your voice to make Big Pharma accountable?

Lee Tilson uploaded a file.

Attached is the response Susan received from the NIH to the letter she ent a few months ago in response to the article written by Charles Piller. https://www.statnews.com/…/13/clinical-trials-investigation/
Title: Law ignored, patients at risk
First Paragraph: “Stanford University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and other prestigious medical research institutions have flagrantly violated a federal law requiring public reporting of study results, depriving patients and doctors of complete data to gauge the safety and benefits of treatments, a STAT investigation has found.”


Suzan Shinazy Here is the letter we sent with around 100 signatures:

NIH Director Dr. Collins, Patient advocacy groups across the U.S. are very concerned with the disregard for human life, patient safety, transparency, and accountability the NIH, and the FDA, have shown by not enforcing timely reporting of federally funded clinical trials.

A recent article by Charles Piller, Law Ignored, Patients at
Risk http://www.statnews.com/…/clinical-trials-investigation/ alerts us to an alarming violation of a federal law, https://www.gpo.gov/…/PLAW…/pdf/PLAW-110publ85.pdf…, that requires public reporting of clinical trials, including some that involve, “…life and death problems.” Even more alarming, the article states our government agencies, the NIH and FDA, are not enforcing the law.

Charles Piller writes, “The federal government has the power to impose fines on institutions that fail to disclose trial results, or suspend their research funding. It could have collected a whopping $25 billion from drug companies alone in the past seven years. But it has not levied a single fine.”

Dr. Collins, we are asking that you take immediate action to correct the violation of law that is occurring, both as a failure to report clinical trial data, and also as a failure to demand accountability with the power the law, and the people, have entrusted you. We also ask that you issue a public report on how you will correct these urgent issues of patient safety.

Thank you in advance for the resolution of these urgent issues.



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