via Ontario Trillium Benefit.

Dear Ontario Trillium Benefit:  I write….NOT to bring to your attention your gross abuse and discrimination against medical cannabis users! ( I am saving that one) but, to inquire as to the gross  injustices you continue to wage on our most vulnerable, no, today I write regarding

Fractional Reserve Humanity….

While I am eternally grateful for the $10.50 per MONTH increase I received from the province, whose health-care disabled me, thanks again!

You cut my Trillium Benefit by $23.47 per month….you reprehensible abusers….I feel confident I am not your only victim.

Thank you for your immediate attention!

For the 2016 benefit year, if you qualify for:

  • more than $360, you will have a choice between monthly payments starting July 2016 or a single payment at the end of the benefit year (i.e., June 2017). You get the same total amount regardless of which option you choose.
  • $360 or less, you will receive a single payment in July 2016. If your entitlement is greater than $2 but less than $10, it will be increased to $10.
  • $2 or less, you will not receive a payment.