Ontario’s new ombudsman

Dear Premier Wynne,

I write this open letter to express my deep concerns regarding your decision to replace Andre Morin as Ontario’s Ombudsman.

I don’t know anything about your new appointee so my using the word sycophant, should be considered an assumption on my part due entirely to my own negative interactions with The Province of Ontario in Right of Her Majesty the Queen.

My apologies for the tardiness of this concern, which I feel is echoed by a good portion of Ontario’s population, the hundreds of thousands now marginalized and the handful of others with real jobs who are not employed by your spend, spend, and spend some more government.

Downloading Social Services to the Municipal level to leave our most vulnerable without any recourse and outside the purview of the Ombudsman, providing mock hearings for victims with administrative Tribunals who didn’t even have PURVIEW, well, hopefully that free-for-all abuse is over ha?

Hitch-Hiking for your “Cancer care” and I almost got arrested, twice!!!  Thank goodness you said medical transportation was a mandatory benefit, isn’t that right Bruce County?  (Where they held secret meetings plotting where to secretly dump their nuclear waste for years, another inconvenient fact the Ombudsman’s office published!!)

Having thus far survived my “health-care misadventure” I am pleased you’ve replaced my dear old friend Deb Matthews who was being paid to be our Minister of Health, I feel good advocates, not sycophants are the answer to keeping government from becoming total criminals, please don’t misunderstand or think I’m implying Ontario is not completely upstanding in everything they do, since I really do appreciate being permitted internet and phone service, now.

I am also a bit concerned the current Ministry of Health and other Public institutes seems a tad less than forthcoming with records, your proclaimed transparency is well, not very apparent.

So, at the end, those deserving of loyalty, as many Ontarian’s believe Andre Morin is, will have it and I feel certain a better, even more disruptive role could be found for him.

Thanks for the Great job Andre Morin!  Premier Wynne, please reconsider your decision.


Barbara Ann Kueber


A former taxpayer ombudsman for the federal government has been selected by an all-party panel as Ontario’s new ombudsman.

Paul Dube’s five-year term starts April 1.

Ontario’s previous ombudsman was the outspoken Andre Marin, a vocal advocate with a flair for the dramatic.

He waged a social media campaign last year in a last-ditch effort to get reappointed for a third term, but the Liberal cabinet bypassed the opposition parties and appointed Barbara Finlay as a temporary ombudsman until the search for a permanent one could be completed.

Marin is famous for the blunt language in his special reports on everything from the mass violation of civil rights during the G20 in Toronto to huge billing errors by Hydro One.


  • A previous version of this story used a photo depicting another Paul Dube.
    Feb 17, 2016 6:33 PM ET

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