Who wins the “War on Drugs”

Barb Kueber, Engaged in the War on Drugs…….
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Another collapsed answer, the Shills have been busy!

If the failed War on Drugs was finally called to a halt, the one that still sees that same fraction of customers being addicts as before the war? with the majority of users being both casual and white-collar, who would lose most? What a great question!

Big Pharma, no doubt they have been the biggest backers of the war, they would lose big. If everyone could grow 2 cannabis plants in their back yards, they wouldn’t need the prescription medicines that are so dangerous.

The Cancer Industry that employs more people than it treats, would be devastated as more and more people cure their own cancer as thousands already are.

The Mental Health Industry would be dramatically reduced since cannabis is very effective at treating certain mental conditions like PTSD and it has never caused anyone to shoot up a school or kill themselves either.

The Health-Care Industry, that one that eats up half our taxes as everyone gets sicker and sicker, whose treatments involve dangerous drug trials on their patients, as they push drugs that don’t work but do cause serious harm and retard our kids and elders as an epidemic of autism sweep North America.

The Prison-Industrial Complex would be wiped out. It costs over $100,000 per year to jail a Canadian child for smoking a joint, while people who are severely disabled could be denied benefits and left to live on less than $10 per day for years or forever, and there is little they can do about it, they don’t even have a right to legal representation, constitution be damned. Those tax dollars to could go to improving living conditions for the poor and disabled and for infrastructor to give a few people some jobs for a while since our the governments allowed almost all our work to done by slaves in other countries and give corporations no tax benefits if they would prefer to provide human rights or Canadians any work.

Law Enforcement, heck what would we need all those cops for that have in many areas grown to be worse than those supposed to be protecting?

Since hemp would also be legal, the list is really endless, life as we know it could be changed quite literally, that is reason for the “War” to protect certain industries not already mentioned above, since hemp is a medicine also (it contains CBD).

Fuels, Plastics, our pollution problems would resolve, pulp & paper, steel, concrete, cotton, hemp is a perfectly balanced food maybe the only one.

You can build a car, a house, almost anything out of hemp….are you starting to think a little differently about War on Drugs?

But wait!! What about those hard drugs, you aren’t talking about them are you? I’ll pass that conversation over to the experts at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, they are clear about their position, all drugs, why?
Prohibition does not work. The only people arrested are low level addicts which are a fraction of the users and the minute they are out, they will commit a crime to fill their addiction, little is being accomplished except your money is being wasted. People will do what they want to do, whether is it legal or not. http://leap.cc/

Thanks again for the great question!

via (1) Besides the gangs that sell them, who else has the most to lose if the War on Drugs was ended? – Quora.


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