2 minutes to help? Research institutes ignore the law…

What do you think about the failure of Research Institutes and Drug Companies to follow the law? All results are required to be published, not just the best ones they could find and let's face it, many of their best studies show very little benefit and a good deal of potential harm. People are still... Continue Reading →


Is Your Doctor Trustworthy? Past Records Tough to Find, Experts Say – Drugs.com MedNews

"You can find out more about the safety record of your toaster and whether or not it's going to catch on fire than you can find about your physicians," patient-safety advocate Robert Oshel, the former associate director for research and disputes at the NPDB, said in the news release."

nurses say, no thank you, leading case

Citation: Sault Area Hospital and Ontario Nurses’ Association, 2015 CanLII 55643 (ON LA), <http://canlii.ca/t/gl0sz&gt;       While not binding, a decision of an analyst from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario is instructive on these points.[434] The decision deals with a nurse’s complaint about a VOM policy at North York General... Continue Reading →


"lest there should be any doubt in this particular case, a blanket policy of presenting in-custody accused, such as Dina Kalleo, in leg shackles and handcuffs in court in Nain is illegal, may amount to a civil assault and give rise to an award of damages. She may also have other remedies under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms"

"[57] I conclude that actual jail time is the only realistic option in this case. It is completely unacceptable that the court process and its orders be deliberately, blatantly and continuously flouted as Mr. Sidhu has done. An exemplary custodial sentence should have the effect of deterring Mr. Sidhu specifically and also members of the public as a matter of general deterrence. Those who might be inclined to breach court orders, regardless of whether the orders are made within a matter of commercial litigation, or in a family or estate dispute or otherwise must realize that showing such disregard for the law and the court will not be tolerated. Likewise, it would be completely inappropriate for parties subject to court orders to assume that the penalty for a breach will be dealt with in some lenient way so as to give what amounts to a license for disobedience."

Inside Canada’s secret world of medical error: ‘There is a lot of lying, there’s a lot of cover-up’ | National Post

"As long as the public doesn’t realize that one in 13 people coming into the hospital will experience some kind of adverse event — and that’s the conservative estimate — then there isn’t any pressure to say, ‘Listen, fix these damn things.’

Assisted Dying Canada: First Person In Ontario To Get Legal Permission Dies

""We are so very proud that he used his last limited energy to fight for something he believed in so fundamentally: the right to decide when he was ready to pass and the right to have the assistance to do so with comfort and dignity,'' they said."

228,000 member AMA joins the AllTrials campaign!

Publishing  - Email Communications from AllTrials Dear friend of AllTrials We are delighted to share two big announcements: 1. Yesterday, the American Medical Association (AMA) joined the AllTrials campaign. The AMA is the largest association of medical doctors and students in the United States, representing more than 228,000 current healthcare providers. Read the AMA's statement in full. Alongside the AMA,... Continue Reading →

Microcephaly: Zika, pesticides, and profits

"• In the view of many scientists and environmental experts, the Zika virus is being used to conceal the horrendous damage caused by pesticides in a large-scale human experiment. • To position the virus as a miniature terrorist opens the doors to a blind obedience to the dictates of the pharmaceutical-agrochemical-biotechnology industries, through their puppet governments."

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