President’s Choice Children’s Charity

Dear President’s Choice,

I write today to question 2 recent notation on my most recent receipt, after I waited around like an idiot at your fine prepaid credit card display.  Now, I have this odd habit of meeting well, people one wouldn’t ordinarily expect to run into, and I’m not even going to blog about who I tried to sell that very fine prepaid President’s Choice Mastercard to….a very good deal, something like $6 to activate your PREPAID card, and then they CHARGE YOU A SERVICE CHARGE EVERY MONTH FOR….having free use of your money, which they use to finance their fractional reserve humanity, which effectively devalues my money, LOL, if I had any by 90% each and every time I deposit money.  Well, if you don’t see it, I suggest higher education may have had a disappointing outcome for you.

So, ZEHRS, and Walmart, and all you other greedy corporations, STOP BEGGING FOR MONEY!!  Would you like to donate….are you serious, don’t you see I’M BUYING ROTTEN VEGETABLES YOU PIGS……Your hourly increases in the price of necessities will well cover your charities, which undoubtedly, like 8 out of 10 others, gives only a small fraction to those it claims to benefit, while pigs on the executive wallow in the donation from our marginalized society, much more so in small-town Ontario.

I have so much to do so, I have finish this later but ….here’s what started my bitch…. they claimed I saved money….you save $2.50 today…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I BOUGHT YOUR WILTED AND NASTY ORGANIC CELERY FOR 50% OFF, SO AT THE BARGAIN PRICE OF $2.50, since the price went down by $2.00 from last week, when it was $6.99 you CROOKS!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE……not feeling it here either.


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