Thanks Dana Larsen, you’re awesome! 

And say, why are people wanting to “check-out early?” 

“A well-known advocate for marijuana legalization has sent a sample to every Liberal MP to “refamiliarize” them with the substance’s “pleasant effects” — and remind them to keep their election promises.

Dana Larsen — a founding member of the Marijuana Party who went on to run federally for the NDP and contest the B.C. NDP leadership —  mailed all 184 federal Liberal MPs a gram of dried marijuana along with a copy of his new book Cannabis in Canada – The Illustrated History.

“Since they are soon to be legalizing cannabis it is a good time for them to learn about the history of how cannabis is such an important part of our country’s history,” Larsen wrote to Radio-Canada.

“I included a gram for them because it is also a good time for them to refamiliarize themselves with the pleasant effects of cannabis, and to remember why so many Canadians enjoy using cannabis for medicine and relaxation.”

via Dana Larsen, pot activist, sends weed to Liberal MPs in legalization push – Politics – CBC News.