February 10, 2016 – Dear Extortionists,  It is unfortunate you haven’t yet mastered computers and the internet but your ridiculous proposal that I wait up to 2 weeks for MY MONEY, is well illegal, but undoubtedly due to that arrogance you’ve developed from being allowed devalue our money by 90% with every deposit with your fractional reserve humanity….how stupid…, oh, never mind forget I started that question…no, criminals, you will need to lobby for far, far higher doses of the industrial waste that is in our drinking water, or recycled-sewage-prescription-drug-cocktail-water as the case maybe, Banksters exactly like you have been allowed to stomp on the rights of, and steal from the most vulnerable in our society, for far too long.

Today, ticket costs are base ~$45 plus the various service charges and taxes and the cost for a room at the closest hotel to keep taxi fare to a minimum is about ~$75, again plus the various taxes and whatnot, oh, and there are some summons that need to served today.  Have a wonderful day! >>>>>

For my “friends” and other observers…why because it’s so unbelievable, I couldn’t make it up.  …indeed…..if I weren’t hungry and in need of my prescribed medicine, rent money, money to pay for medical transportation, bus fare, court reporters, hotel rooms, transcripts, paper, ink, buff tabs, couriers, and perhaps numerous services….it wouldn’t be funny at all!

Why, because, you just can’t make this shit up!

Dear currently UNNAMED THIEF, return the $288.85 I have on that prepaid card, it is unfortunate you were unable to get me to buy that life insurance, for the sake of my family, despite your relentless harassment….  You mailed an APPLICATION to RENEW AFTER 3 YEARS MY PREPAID CARD IN PERFECT STANDING… do you even listen to yourselves?  You can’t just take my renewal fee, cancel my card and misappropriate almost $300 because I refuse to answer your relentlessly harassing calls trying to sell me crap, I don’t want, well, clearly you can but, I have references, perhaps you want to consult with Rogers, the 407ETR, or Grey County.

Return my money you GREEDY BANKSTERS!