Is State Sanctioned Murder Ok?

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“The prosecution relied on testimony from Josh Ryen, who initially said Cooper was not the one who killed his family but later recanted and said it was Cooper. The child’s testimony changed throughout, with him initially adamant that three white men were involved, later saying Cooper did not look like any of the men in the attack, but later changing his account in court saying Kevin Cooper was the killer.  The prosecution also used bloody footprints at the scene to link Cooper to the crime, noting that the footprint was from a prison-issued boot, which only Cooper could have owned since he had recently escaped prison. However, a prison official said that the boot could have belonged to someone who was not an inmate, as anyone could get prison-issued boots. The prison official’s statements were never included in court.”

“In addition to witness accounts that say white men were responsible for the murder, not Kevin Cooper, blood evidence of two individuals was also found at the scene that did not match that of Cooper. Therefore, when Kevin Cooper appealed his conviction, five federal judges claimed that Cooper may be innocent and wrote a 103-page dissent letter to the State of California, noting that they were about to execute an innocent man.”

via Kevin Cooper Death Row: Five Federal Judges Say California Is Set To Execute An Innocent Man.


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